Erin Shum’s candidacy receives a diverse range of support

Erin Shum’s candidacy has received a diverse range of SUPPORT.

“Erin Shum is an accomplished millennial woman, who has devoted her whole life to public service, even winning the Duke of Edinburgh’s Medal for her service,” said outgoing three-term City Councillor Elizabeth Ball. “She has dedicated her time to teaching children with autism and she is very aware of the needs of all children and youth in the City. I know she will be a valued advocate for young families. I know that as a working young mother she will respect and represent the needs of women in our community. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Erin on cultural events and I am grateful for her knowledge of and commitment to our park system. She will bring new energy to City Council.”

“Erin Shum is a candidate you must vote for,” said Ainslie Kwan, Past President of the Killarney Community Centre Society. “Erin has a proven track record of keeping campaign promises and is a strong advocate for Community Centres across the city. Erin has strong principles and is not afraid to stand up for these principles. Erin’s refreshing style of politics is what we need at City Hall.”

“Erin has been a strong advocate for families on the Park Board, and in particular for the Pacific Autism Family Network and our autism spectrum disorder community,” said Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia O.B.C, Co-Founder of the Pacific Autism Family Network and CEO of Century Plaza Hotel & Absolute Spa Group. “As a City Councillor, I know she will keep supporting children and families of all needs.” 

“I campaigned alongside Erin every day in 2014, and she was a hard-working teammate who helped bridge different communities,” said Jay Jagpal, a 2014 Park Board candidate and former NPA Board member. “South Vancouver has a genuine friend in Erin Shum – she brought a unanimous motion that kickstarted progress toward a Seniors Centre at Sunset Community Centre.”

“Erin is a principled and collaborative team player who doesn’t let partisan divides get in the way of doing the right thing for Vancouverites,” said former Park Board Chair Michael Wiebe. “We’ve worked well together on the Park Board, and I know she’ll be able to get things done on a mixed council.”

"When I was president of the NPA, Erin Shum is the kind of candidate we would have bent over backward to recruit” said Dale McClanaghan, who served on the NPA Board from 1991 to 2005. “She's young, she's smart, she can work across party lines, and she deserves your vote!"

“I have known Erin Shum as a driven small business owner and a dedicated community leader who believes in giving back,” said philanthropist Leslie Diamond O.B.C. “Her commitment to listening to all perspectives and working together with others will be a major asset to Vancouver City Council.”

“I have watched Erin as a member of the Parks Board and have seen that she works from a place of integrity and towards worthy goals," said Canadian Olympic Coach Ram Nayyar. “Erin is someone who understands the needs of the everyday resident of Vancouver and will work hard to ensure that what she is promising in her campaigns is what she is putting efforts towards accomplishing in her term as Councillor.”

“I know Erin will listen to and strongly advocate for the citizens living in Vancouver,” said Henry Lee, President of the Renfrew Park Community Association. “I experienced the expert knowledge, positive energy and professionalism that Ms. Shum has given to the Renfrew Community. She has proven that she will listen and advocate strongly on behalf of communities. I know and trust that Ms. Shum, as a Councillor for the City of Vancouver, will provide the same knowledge, professionalism and energy for all citizens of Vancouver!”



Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Erin Shum today announced her candidacy for City Council, emphasizing the need to move away from partisan disputes and focus on delivering results for Vancouverites.  

Shum’s independent campaign will be centered on the importance of communities and themed around Building a Vancouver for Families. Her plan for complete communities includes a focus on child care, ensuring renewed attention to the needs of seniors, and the importance of safe streets.