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Now more than ever, families need a voice at the Council table

Erin has devoted much of her life to improving the lives of others, including a decade working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and years dealing with seniors care issues for her grandparents. She understands the needs of everyday Vancouverites, and is committed to supporting our city’s families with greater access to child and seniors care. Already a proven advocate for these issues, her successes include working collaboratively to deliver on seniors centres in Killarney and Sunset, and spearheading a unanimous vote to train all Park Board employees about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Erin also stood up for young families and seniors on fixed incomes as the only Park Board Commissioner to consistently oppose raising user fees in the midst of Vancouver’s affordability crisis.





Working together to keep all Vancouverites safe

Working together to create a sense of safety for all residents is a key to building a city of complete communities that work for families. Collaborating across party lines, Erin will push for safer streets across the city by advocating for cleaner streets and facilities, with more frequent sweeping of drug paraphernalia, cigarettes, and garbage, much-needed improvements to sidewalks and streets, quicker removal of snow, and greater safety for bike lanes that don’t disrupt the flow of traffic on major arterials. Everyone defines safe streets differently; Erin’s focus is on finding points of agreement and delivering meaningful results.





Where kids can play, businesses can flourish, and families can thrive

Every generation needs complete communities that have something for everybody -- that means child care, seniors care, safe streets, and fostering an environment where local small businesses can thrive and bring vibrancy to our neighbourhoods. As a driven small business owner and a dedicated community leader, Erin’s plan for complete communities includes: reducing parking rates and increasing parking time limits in certain areas, expediting permitting for commercial and residential building, renovations, and remodeling, providing more funding and autonomy to the Park Board to maintain, update and retrofit vital infrastructure, and better preparing our city for emergencies. Erin is dedicated to listening to everyday residents, and working with them to define what complete communities should mean in every different neighbourhood of Vancouver.